Marine Electronics Products  

Multi-Function / Combination Systems

An integrated navigation system that combines Radar, GPS, Chartplotter, and/or Fish Finder functionality into a single, high-resolution display



AIS Collision Avoidance

Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) are required on large vessels; these tools will identify and plot their position on your radar/chartplotter



Combined with the function of a GPS device, Autopilot systems will drive a boat on a pre-established course, will signal on arrival


VHF / SSB / Satellite / Celluar

A multitude of maritime communication tools to keep in touch with other boats, to seek help and services, or even to access the Internet



Fishfinder / Sonar/ Depth

Using a transducer, these devices display accurate depth information either in digit form or using a graphic record; echo returns indicate location of fish


Other Marine Hardware

General Category for other marine electronics or hardware to mount, enclose, and secure your electronics equipment


PC Navigation Software & Hardware

This category includes PC based chart software as well as Sunlight Viewable LCD displays and computers designed to withstand harsh marine environments



Navigational aid designed to detect distance objects using magnetic pulses; enhances navigation safety in poor or low visibility


Sailing Instrument

Typically used on Sailboats, these displays are designed to provide easy-to-read digital depth, speed, and wind information


Satellite TV

A boat is ALWAYS in motion; these antennas are designed to stay connected to the satellite so that you can enjoy your DirecTV or Dish Network programs anywhere


Thermal Imaging

What could be better than Radar? How about the ability to see in the dark or through the thickest of fog! Forward Looking Infrared is your answer


Weather Information

Here are several options that will provide up-to-date weather information via satellite or fax.